Drake Has a New Boo Thang From Miami Sunday November 9 2014, 12:30 AM
Drake Has a New Boo Thang From Miami

November 9, 2014

Drake Has a New Boo Thang From Miami

Maybe Drizzy has finally gotten tired of all the booties Houston has to offer, so he seems to have taken his game to the South Beach.
Fans in Instagram have started discussing the rumor of Drake's new love interest, which surface because he was seen dragging a certain Instagram model around with him and his OVO crew all weekend. Maybe Iesha Marie has taken Lira Galore's place in Drake heart (and bed).
Apparently the security at one of the clubs they visited was strictly instructed not to let any paparazzi catch the two of them interacting inside, so the photo below is the best photogs could get.
So what do you think? Is Iesha Marie Drake's new boo thang or not? Sound off below.

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